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Caring Communities

The Butler County Community Resource Council was established in 1992 and became a Caring Communities Initiative in 1997. Currently, the Butler County Community Resource Council employs eleven full-time employees and four part-time employees.  There are over 300 volunteers who serve is some capacity through the work of the Butler County Community Resource Council.

Our Mission:The Mission of the Butler County Community Resource Council, a group of human service professionals and other interested individuals, is to promote coordination and cooperation between social service providers, agencies, organizations, churches, the business community and the educational system.

The premise of the Butler County Community Resource Council's Caring Communities Initiative is to collaborate with agencies, organizations, churches, schools, businesses, and individuals to improve the lives of children and families in Butler County. To accomplish this goal, the Butler County Community Resource Council works toward the following policy directions in the six core results.

Four Policy Directions

  • Increase the accountability of communities and agencies to improve results
  • Change the way services are delivered by integrating and locating them in the neighborhoods where children go to school and families live
  • Change the way services are financed by pooling funds more flexibly across state agencies and communities, and by tying program funding to the results they produce
  • Change the way decisions are made by involving neighborhood residents and community stakeholders in decisions that affect their well being

Core Results

  • Parents working
  • Children safe in their families, and families safe in their communities
  • Young children ready to enter school
  • Children and families that are healthy
  • Children and youth succeeding in school
  • Youth ready to enter the work force and become productive citizens