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On November 3, 2016, Julie Keele, our co-worker and dear friend passed away.  Julie has been associated with the Butler County Community Resource Council since 2005. 

 In 2005, Julie worked with Experience Works and received “Outstanding Worker” recognition.  Julie served as a VISTA member 2006-2007.  Julie wanted to join “to help others, provide guidance helping people toward a better way of life”.  During her service with VISTA, Julie coordinated meetings and activities for Missouri Partnership for Reentry with Probation and Parole District 25.  Julie also served the Butler County Community Resource Council in the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant, Missouri Mentoring Partnership, Partnership for Success and Missouri Community Reentry Grant. 

 Julie loved community work.  When working on the State Incentive Grant, she taught classes using Building Stronger Families Curriculum.  The classes allowed Julie to work with families and help them through all types of issues.  Julie also worked in the community providing training for alcohol outlets through the Responsible Beverage Server Certification.  She assisted over 150 employees on how to identify and prevent underage alcohol sales.  As the project director for the Missouri Community Reentry Grant, Julie helped remove barriers for over 100 offenders returning to our community.  In ever project Julie worked on, she demonstrated her compassion and helpful nature.  Julie was eager to do what needed to be done.               

                                                            Karen Crook, Executive Director, BCCRC

 Julie was the assistant to the Teen-Parent Mentoring Program for 6 years.  She was there for the program participants whether it was listening or giving them advice. Julie enjoyed holding the babies and watching them grow into toddlers.  There was always a smile and kind word for everyone.  She kept the “Baby Store” stocked and organized, which was a never ending task.  Julie was a co-worker, a dear friend and family.  She touched the lives of hundreds of people in our community.  Julie will be missed by all.                      

Dalene Chilton, Director, Teen Parent Mentoring Program

 Working and living as family in the Butler County Community Resource Council office is a dream job.  Part of that dream is working daily with someone like Julie Keele.  She was first and foremost my friend, open minded, a listener, straight forward, non-judgmental, generous, never to busy and always ready to do whatever it takes.  No matter what program Julie was working on or event we were putting together, she went out of her way to accommodate others whether it was a coworker, program client or someone that just walked in the door needing help.  Julie’s smile and humor will always be in the heart of our staff and every event of the Butler County Community Council. 

                                                                                    Judy Cox, CRC Office Manager

 When something needed to be done you could always rely on Julie Keele. Any time someone needed something, anything, whether you were a coworker or friend, her question to you would be “what can I do to help?” She was a wonderful person to have on your team, always encouraging, always there. She will be greatly missed!

                                                                                    Jennifer Rosener, RSVP Director

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